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Should I have an Internet Presence?

I WANT TO SETUP A 24 HR BRANCH OFFICE Many people see the internet as an advertisement tool. However for a business, a website can be considered as a “branch office” that operates 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. This is because it has all the facilities that an office has to explain [...]

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Promoting Your Website via Email

With the increase in Junk Mail, many people have grown fearful in checking their mailbox. You will at least have to spend 5 minutes each day in work deleting all your junk mail. A more effective way of emarketing is to use a less intrusive way of getting your recipients attention. Sometimes, the most effective [...]

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WEB Marketing: How to Promote Your Web Site

Just because you have an online web site does not mean that marketing will be automatically done for you. In most cases, traditional methods of marketing are still required. However, the difference is in the cost and effective runtime. In most cases, the cost is negligible and the runtime, tremendous. We will look at the [...]

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