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Over-the-counter-capital (OTC Capital)

Financing Schemes

OTC Capital provides Singapore-based unlisted companies up to $5 million through the sale of shares to acquire funding from private investors such as individual investors, venture capitalists and private companies.


To sell shares on OTC Capital, your company should have high growth potential, a strong management team, committed strategic investors and market capitalisation below $20 million.

It must also meet the following requirements :

  • have a public company structure
  • have no material qualification of the financial statements by the auditor for the past three years or its entire history if it was established less than three years ago
  • be incorporated and based in Singapore
  • have management, directors and controlling shareholders that are of sound integrity and character, and have adequate experience and qualifications
  • satisfy the OTC Capital rules
  • have a Corporate Advisor to prepare submission for admission to OTC Capital and ensure adherence of OTC Capital rules and disclosures thereafter
  • have the services of a market maker
  • have a few investors lined up
  • have a viable business model with good growth prospects

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