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Promoting Your Website via Email


With the increase in Junk Mail, many people have grown fearful in checking their mailbox. You will at least have to spend 5 minutes each day in work deleting all your junk mail. A more effective way of emarketing is to use a less intrusive way of getting your recipients attention. Sometimes, the most effective way is the simplest. How funny sometimes we forget. Consider the following methods.

Install a “Signature” in your E-Mail Program.
Most e-mail programs such as Outlook, MSN and Yahoo allow you to designate a “signature” to appear at the end of each message you send. Limit it to 6 to 8 lines: Company name, address, phone number, URL, e-mail address, and a one-phrase description of your unique business offering. Look for examples on e-mail messages sent to you. This one phrase description can be something to catchy that people will never forget your website address. Of course keep it in good taste!

Capture Visitor E-mail Addresses and Request Permission to Send Updates.
On your website’s feedback form, include a checkbox where the visitor can give you permission to e-mail updates about products or services. Now your e-mails to visitors are not “spam.” You’re responding to their request for more information. If you can capture industry information and country it will even be better as your outgoing emails to these subscribers can be more targeted. But only ask for the information you need or few visitors will respond. DO NOT ask for too much information, ideally, a 10 sec time frame is all people have to give to you in filling up such forms.

Publish an E-Mail Newsletter.
What do you do after collecting all the mailing list information? This is the next logical step. While it’s a big commitment in time, publishing a weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletter is one of the very best ways to keep in touch with your prospects, generate trust, develop brand awareness, and build future business. You can distribute your newsletter using your e-mail program, or better still have an email marketing campaign manager, like this one reviewed here where you can have an email content creation tool, content management tool, broadcasting tool and a subscriber list management tool.

Send Genuine Special Offers to Your Visitors and Customers.
Your own list of customers and site visitors who have given you permission to contact them will be your most productive list. Send offers, coupon specials, product updates, etc. Personalizing the subject line and the message will increase the results. Keep your content simple, yet creative. If you need help to create professional looking emailers and you do not have knowledge in HTML or front page, the ESPioneer solution can do wonders for you. See it here.
Email marketing is cost effective and can be non intrusive. Keep to the rules and you will be able to get more response from potential clients.

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