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WEB Marketing: How to Promote Your Web Site


Just because you have an online web site does not mean that marketing will be automatically done for you. In most cases, traditional methods of marketing are still required. However, the difference is in the cost and effective runtime. In most cases, the cost is negligible and the runtime, tremendous. We will look at the following methods of marketing your web site and you will find that it is something that all businesses can do.

Include Your URL on Stationery, Letter Heads, Envelope, Cards, and Product Literature.
This is a no-brainer that’s sometimes overlooked. Make sure that all reprints of cards, stationery, brochures, and literature contain your company’s URL. And see that your printer gets the URL syntax correct. In print, I recommend leaving off the http:// part and including only the www.domain.com portion. Of course if you select a catchy and easy to remember URL, you can expect to have a slight edge.

Promote using traditional media.
Don’t discontinue print advertising you’ve found effective. Rather than discontinue them, you may even be able to scale them down by almost half sometimes and in the process save advertising cost. Of course, the reason why you can afford to scale them down is because you have included your URL in the ad and therefore you need not put up too much material to confuse the potential buyer. View your website as an information source to the ad. Use a two-step approach: (1) capture the readers’ attention with the ad, (2) then refer them to a URL where they can obtain more information and perhaps place an order. Look carefully at small display or classified ads in the back of narrowly-targeted magazines or trade periodicals. Sometimes these ads are more targeted, more effective, and less expensive than online advertising. Consider other traditional media to drive people to your site, such as direct mail, classifieds, post cards, etc.

Develop a Free Service.
It’s boring to invite people, “Come to our site and learn about our business.” It’s quite another to say “Use the free currency calculator available on our site.” Make no mistake, it’s expensive in time and energy to develop free resources, such as our SMEcentral Site, but it is very rewarding in increased traffic to your site. Make sure that your free service is closely related to what you are selling so the visitors you attract will be good prospects for your business. Give visitors multiple opportunities and links to cross over to the sales part of your site.

Issue News Releases.
Find newsworthy events (such as launching your free service), and send news releases to print and Web periodicals in your industry. However, opening or redesigning a website is seldom newsworthy these days. You may want to use a Web news release service, such as one offered by Eric Ward’s URLwire (www.urlwire.com) or the free PR Web (www.prweb.com).

It is one thing to have a web site and another to market it. The above information is presented to show that any business can have the opportunity to market their web site easily. In most cases, you do not have to spend extra on top of what you are already spending on print stationery, advertisements, etc. It is just about adding your URL to these traditional media.

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